Friday, 13 January 2012

Mehdi Hassan On A Fan In Karachi In Connection With Diseases Of The Respiratory Tract

India-born famous ghazal musician Mehdi Hassan was on Friday put on a ventilator at a personal facility in Pakistan's Sindh provincial investment Karachi after he folded away due to breathing issues.
84-year-old Hassan has been ill for the last few decades due to a serious lungs situation that has led to problems and difficulty in inhaling.

"He is still in the ICU and physicians are looking after him 24 / 7. All we can do now is wish for him and wish Allah gives him life," said Hassan's son, Asif Mehdi himself a musician.

The famous musician, who was created into a category of conventional performers at Luna town in Rajasthan in 1927 and the speech behind time tested ghazals like Ab Ke Bichade and Patta Patta Boota Boota, had lately missing his speech due to his sickness.

Asif said the physicians after examining his situation put the suffering musician on a a ventilator. They performed Magnet Resonance Image (MRI) assessments and system assessments of the expert musician.Doctors said Hassan is experiencing torso and pee contamination.

"He had problems in inhaling (on Tuesday). We instantly in a rush him to the medical. He is in ICU but there is no optimistic reaction from the physicians about his situation," Arif said.

Hassan, who has been experiencing lungs issues for the last 12 decades, was on Wednesday evening in a rush to Karachi's Agha Khan hospital's ICU area.

Asif said that his dad had been in very illness for the last two decades and the household had been eating him through the pipe because of his sickness.

"We have been eating him through pipe for the last two decades and for the last one 30 days, he has even missing his speech, which captivated an incredible number of his lovers," he included.


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